Friends, at first i thought it was a hummingbird, then a huge butterfly, but after closer examination I discovered that i was photographing a moth, a very large moth that hovers like a hummingbird and is similar in size, hence its nickname, the hummingbird moth, it drinks the nectar through a proboscis like a butterfly,  a very long straw to drink its soda.  Its real name is the white-lined sphinx moth. Below is the moth from the front.   til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. I have the same moth at my house in the evening they love my cannas

  2. i think those are the 2 best shots ever…i am in awe…beautiful!

  3. amazing moth, well done mj, they are marvelous images 🙂

  4. It is huge! Really, a moth? Great for it to show up with your camera in hand!

  5. Nice images. We get a lot of humming birds going and coming. Some days we have seen as many as twenty. These moths do look like a humming bird with a broken bill.

    We also are in the flight path of the Monarch butterflies as they head to Mexico. The yard is filled with plants that feed them, which brings in many different kind. We don’t get many moths.

    Thanks for helping Jimmy with your images. Jack

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