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Dear Friends, sometimes my nature images don’t have a great background but stumbled across this skipper from last summer, I think it is adequate, til Tomorrow MJskipper


Skippe r- MJ Springett

Dear Friends, this tiny fellow is a skipper, but not sure his exact name.  I am sure my friends at Crex can id him for me.  He is perched and nectarine on some Vervain.  i hope he enjoys his sweet lunch, til Tomorrow MJ


dun skipperFriends, this tiny skipper is sipping from the vervain that is abundant in Crex right now . His yellow head suggests that he is a Dun Skipper, maybe someone can help with the identification. I am far from a butterfly expert.  I like his proboscis looped in the air and i like the bokeh.  The background was rendered as amorphous because the distance between the subject and  background was greatly out of focus. I am not always so lucky.  til Tomorrow MJ


Weekly Photo Challenge:Growth

Friends, this small skipper reminds me to grow as a photographer, i normally don’t take pictures of insects, an occasional butterfly, but no bugs to speak of, so this little critter represents my growth into realms unknown.  His identity is also vague for me, i think he is a Leonardis, but i am certainly no expert, the wildflower is blue vervain and blooms from the bottom of the stem to the top, this boy has a long black proboscis to suck his soda through the straw, til Tomorrow MJ

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