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Head On-Robber Fly


Dear Friends, needed some green in my life this morning, so  a Robber Fly head on confrontation, til Tomorrow MJ

Color Pink

cyclmen1Friends, this is not outside, but in the indoors at Como Park in St Paul, every spring (or late winter) my color meter gets empty and i need to get it filled.  The Conservatory at Como is a delightful place year round, flowers blooming in great profusion.  This cyclamen still had the morning watering clinging to it, so i got in close to do a macro.  hope you like it til Tomorrow MJ


Macro Beads

finished beads 3Friends, this image was part of my presentation on focus- stacking of multiple images.  These beads are 1/8-1/4 inch size so this was a macro photo.  To get the desired magnification, i had to have the lens within a foot of the front surface of the beads. However, the depth of field would not extend to back of image, so took 12 images focusing stepwise from front to back, then stitched the images together with Photoshop, to get this image that is in focus from front to back.  til Tomorrow MJ


My New Toy

leaf macro 20 medFriends, experimenting with some macro of fall leaves, i know they are gone, but i rescued a few before our snow.  The biggest problem i have with macro is getting all the different planes of focus in focus, so when my cam ranger arrived, i was eager to try it.  This device will allow me to focus the camera with my iPad where i can really see the details.  Also it will step focus thru several planes and capture the depth of field at my lens’ optimum aperture,  then I can run software focus stacking program.  This is my first result. do you like? til Tomorrow MJ

Milkweed 2

milkweed2Friends, I reexamined my milkweed images for the essence of the fall explosion of tiny white hairs that carry the seed on the breezes.  I like the essence of a single seed at the point of hairs emanating from the seed.  I tried to emphasize this point with some special effects from Color Efex Pro.   Do you like? til Tomorrow MJ


More Feathers

wood duck under wing detailFriends, under this wing of wood duck, we found layers of feathers, brown and white.  A contrast to his brilliant blue feathers of wing top.  I find their wing feathers very interesting with all the tiny details.  til Tomorrow MJ


Wood Duck Feathers

wood duck feathers2Friends, these wood duck feathers look like brush strokes,; the overlapping, fine details , and iridescent colors.  The blue color is not a pigment but rather a structural color, the light is reflected as the full spectrum, that results from the light being bent by  microstructure within the cells.  Perceiving the color is dependent on the angle from which one views.  If you stand ninety degrees from this angle, the iridescence is gone, til Tomorrow MJ

Dead Head

dead head2Friends, a recent trip to the tall grass prairie was a great source of flowers, but also flowers that were past their prime.  I liked the details in this macro shot of a dead head.  If this were on one of my mom’s plants she would pull it off, but out here under the clear blue sky of impending fall, this looked as beautiful as the fresher flowers. til Tomorrow MJ


A Rare Butterfly?

monarch1Friends, normally you find monarch butterflies all over the Northwestern corner of Wisconsin, but this year they have been  scarce  in Crex.  So i took a little trip south to Fish Lake Refuge on Thursday and in my wanderings, was able to find eight of these on the abundant blazing star flowers.  Maybe the second hatch has been successful or my friend, Agogo is releasing a sustaining population.  I like the little slash of orange contributed by the backlight on this particular butterfly.  Not sure that i like the color scheme, pink and orange, but i like the bokeh. til Tomorrow MJ


Green Details

off center leafFriends, this leaf was backlit this morning and i couldn’t resist trying to photograph.  I think all the tiny details are interesting.   it is a arrowhead leaf and this time of year it has some white blossoms that are arranged on a stalk.  I wanted an image that incorporated both the leaves and the flower, but alas could not do unless i wanted to get very wet.  Do you like? til Tomorrow MJ


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