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Summer Wood Duck

summer wood duck 2 summer wood duck

Friends, this is two views of the same male wood duck molting into eclipse plumage.  I included two images to show why i am a big proponent of continuous shooting mode.  The top image shows the bird at a rest position, and the second while he is paddling and peeking.  Sometimes when ducks are paddling, their backs look extended and elongated, while the top image shows a quiet duck.  Which one do you like best?? til Tomorrow MJ

More Feathers

wood duck under wing detailFriends, under this wing of wood duck, we found layers of feathers, brown and white.  A contrast to his brilliant blue feathers of wing top.  I find their wing feathers very interesting with all the tiny details.  til Tomorrow MJ


Summer Wood Duck

Friends, this is a male wood duck in his drab summer coat, far different than his beautiful spring duds. But the red eye and whiet chin strap remain so we know this is a male in disguise.  He will molt again in August into his winter finery and retain that plumage through next spring. I like his head reflection in the water and he is motoring away from me as fast as he is able.  Below is an image of a spring wood duck pair in their finery.  til Tomorrow MJ

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