Summer Wood Duck

Friends, this is a male wood duck in his drab summer coat, far different than his beautiful spring duds. But the red eye and whiet chin strap remain so we know this is a male in disguise.  He will molt again in August into his winter finery and retain that plumage through next spring. I like his head reflection in the water and he is motoring away from me as fast as he is able.  Below is an image of a spring wood duck pair in their finery.  til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. oh mj, i will have to come and visit one day, your birds are lovely 🙂

  2. I too like the reflection. I checked this morning and your prints are still hanging.

  3. Your animal photos are the best!

  4. Your male wood ducks seem to wear a larger hat than ours down here. Same colors, but ours top hat don’t protrude as much. Jack and I watched a pair when we lived on N. Padre Island. The area had several bird watching places. One area had woods and a pair of woodies lived there. We went birding several times a week. Mikki

    • i think that the top hat only shows when the male is startled and during the breeding season, this one was by a pond near our house, thanks for your comments, these are wonderful birds MJ

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