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My New Toy

leaf macro 20 medFriends, experimenting with some macro of fall leaves, i know they are gone, but i rescued a few before our snow.  The biggest problem i have with macro is getting all the different planes of focus in focus, so when my cam ranger arrived, i was eager to try it.  This device will allow me to focus the camera with my iPad where i can really see the details.  Also it will step focus thru several planes and capture the depth of field at my lens’ optimum aperture,  then I can run software focus stacking program.  This is my first result. do you like? til Tomorrow MJ

Fall Along the Amnicon River

the amnicon river fallFriends, still exploring the Amnicon River and found this sweet little Maple tree trying to turn into fall colors.  After our snow storm of yesterday, the leaves have probably fallen like the leaves on the far bank, camera club meeting tonight and our theme is fall colors. guess i will take this one along. til Tomorrow MJ


Weekly Photo Challenge:Foreshadow

solomon leavesFriends, these leaves of the Solomon Seal plant are curly and have longitudinal veining.  I like the pattern Foreshadowing the  blooms.  til Tomorrow MJ

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