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Fall Along the Amnicon River

the amnicon river fallFriends, still exploring the Amnicon River and found this sweet little Maple tree trying to turn into fall colors.  After our snow storm of yesterday, the leaves have probably fallen like the leaves on the far bank, camera club meeting tonight and our theme is fall colors. guess i will take this one along. til Tomorrow MJ



ridge at amnicon hdrFriends, again at Amnicon Falls State Park and this time under the foot bridge with a very mixed bag of light, some of the water in shade and some in bright sunlit spots.  A perfect situation for an HDR work.  I couldn’t get all the shaded rocks and the sunlit water proper exposures without the HDR tool.  HDR stands for high dynamic range and combines the exposures of three images, the first image is shot with optimum exposure, then one image overexposed for dark detail, and the third image with underexposure for the water highlights.  I like this, i might hang it on the wall. til Tomorrow MJ

Fall at the Falls

upper falls amniconFriends, no I didn’t fall down, but yesterday was a lovely leaf-viewing day and again we went to Amnicon State Park to watch the rushing water of the Amnicon River.  I think this would make a great print, will try to print in the future, thanks JimE for the wonderful day, til Tomorrow MJ


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