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Foliage is Gone

fall foliage23Friends, this is to remind me of the beautiful foliage that is now gone from this place.  Crex Meadows in the fall is truly an amazing place and i like to share with you. til Tomorrow MJ

Red-Headed Duck

red head 4 fall

Friends, fall is here in all her splendor and ducks are arriving daily.  This lone male red-headed duck was found north of us on Lake Superior.  Hope his friends are somewhere around cause he was hanging out with some mallard females. I think this image is an example of how light can change a good image into a better than average image, or dare i say great image.  The reflections of the fall foliage in the water helps to set off the duck colors, but what do you think? til Tomorrow MJ

Maple Glory

fall foliage44Friends, this foliage is gone for now, but a little reminder of the wonderful fall that has now passed us by.  The maples are the highlight of my fall, they seem to turn every shade of yellow, orange and red before they pass into winter snow.  til Tomorrow MJ


The Neon Woods

neon woods2Friends, i get tired of the same old fall foliage images of pretty leaves and trees, so i was playing last night and came up with this.  An abstract with a painterly effect.  It is half a cup of motion blur, half a cup of paint spatter and a pinch of masking to reveal the details, is it a recipe worth keeping? that is the question til Tomorrow MJ


Fall at the Falls

upper falls amniconFriends, no I didn’t fall down, but yesterday was a lovely leaf-viewing day and again we went to Amnicon State Park to watch the rushing water of the Amnicon River.  I think this would make a great print, will try to print in the future, thanks JimE for the wonderful day, til Tomorrow MJ


At Amicon River


Friends, went looking for fall foliage yesterday and headed for the Amicon River in northern Wisconsin.  I love retirement when I can go to work in the northwoods, searching for running water and fall foliage on a warm day in October.  The only thing that would improve this would be to have a companion along in case i fall into the water.  But I am pretty careful when i am out alone and always find the pretty spots to photo.  I will be out again today. til Tomorrow MJsitting by the amicon

Other Entertainment

Friends, sitting in my easy chair at Hawk Ridge is extremely entertaining for a bird person, not only is the ridge a funnel for hawks and other raptors, but other migrating birds also pass here. Like these white pelicans on their way to the southland. What a thrill!  These birds in a  v formation against the blue sky and warm temps this made a perfect day outdoors. Below the ridge the fall foliage is turning and the maples are very nice this time of year, below is an artistic rendition of sitting under a fall maple.  til Tomorrow MJ

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