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Upper Falls

upper fallsFriends, again from Amicon SP these are part of the upper falls, now how lame is that name?, I think it should be called Erratic Falls for the two boulders that lie in the river bed, dropped by the mighty hand of a glacier, eons ago.  I think that the water in the back should be more silky looking, maybe i will work on that with photoshop.  The water is really red appearing as the sandstone underneath is red.  This was taken from a covered bridge that allows one to shoot from the middle of the river, a lower viewpoint would have put me in the middle of the next falls, danger. til Tomorrow MJ


At Amicon River


Friends, went looking for fall foliage yesterday and headed for the Amicon River in northern Wisconsin.  I love retirement when I can go to work in the northwoods, searching for running water and fall foliage on a warm day in October.  The only thing that would improve this would be to have a companion along in case i fall into the water.  But I am pretty careful when i am out alone and always find the pretty spots to photo.  I will be out again today. til Tomorrow MJsitting by the amicon

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