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Meeting of the Minds

meeting of the mindsDear Friends, last night just a sunset (with no sun visible) we found a small flock (10-12) of white pelicans floating on a pond in Crex Meadows.  I had to shoot at a very high iso, so sorry for the noise, but could not resist this image.  They do not stay, just passing through. til Tomorrow MJ

Spring Pelicans

pelican flight springFriends, these white pelicans flew over in their migratory route on Wednesday.  I saw three big flocks circling and moving north and west.  They breed in western Minnesota and North Dakota so they may have been a bit off their usual migration route.  I jumped out of my vehicle alongside the four lane and stood on the shoulder to shoot these guys and gals, the big trucks were whizzing by, but i didn’t even hear them, all i saw was blue sky and birds, it has been a long winter and yesterday it was 75 degrees F, wonderful, til Tomorrow MJ


Other Entertainment

Friends, sitting in my easy chair at Hawk Ridge is extremely entertaining for a bird person, not only is the ridge a funnel for hawks and other raptors, but other migrating birds also pass here. Like these white pelicans on their way to the southland. What a thrill!  These birds in a  v formation against the blue sky and warm temps this made a perfect day outdoors. Below the ridge the fall foliage is turning and the maples are very nice this time of year, below is an artistic rendition of sitting under a fall maple.  til Tomorrow MJ

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