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Wing Detail or Abstract

butterfly wingFriends,  a macro to test my lens, this is a Monarch butterfly wing, up close and personal, i was experimentingwith the detail extractor and color contrast settings in color effex pro,  the fuzzy is the details of the wing scales, til Tomorrow MJ

A Rare Butterfly?

monarch1Friends, normally you find monarch butterflies all over the Northwestern corner of Wisconsin, but this year they have been  scarce  in Crex.  So i took a little trip south to Fish Lake Refuge on Thursday and in my wanderings, was able to find eight of these on the abundant blazing star flowers.  Maybe the second hatch has been successful or my friend, Agogo is releasing a sustaining population.  I like the little slash of orange contributed by the backlight on this particular butterfly.  Not sure that i like the color scheme, pink and orange, but i like the bokeh. til Tomorrow MJ


Color or Black and White

Friends, a very common orange monarch butterfly on purple/pink blazing star, i really dont like these colors together, i think they clash as my mother used to say when i would try to wear these colors as a teenager.  I know that clothing theory is foreign to todays’ youngsters, but in my days it was a taboo if you wanted a sophisticated look.  But I still don’t like these colors together, is the answer to present this image in black and white values.  I like it better, what do you think? the black and white is below, til Tomrrow MJ


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