Color or Black and White

Friends, a very common orange monarch butterfly on purple/pink blazing star, i really dont like these colors together, i think they clash as my mother used to say when i would try to wear these colors as a teenager.  I know that clothing theory is foreign to todays’ youngsters, but in my days it was a taboo if you wanted a sophisticated look.  But I still don’t like these colors together, is the answer to present this image in black and white values.  I like it better, what do you think? the black and white is below, til Tomrrow MJ


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  1. Color! Always color! Unless it’s an old steam engine from the 1930s under black, foreboding skies. Then B&W is okay……

  2. Love the B&W image! There’s some captured images that really work well as terrific B&W. On the other hand, some don’t or are so-so. One simply needs to learn how to see an image as a potential B&W image. Next, learning the conversion editing process. It is more that just pressing one button.

    Thanks for sharing this image.

    • I have done bw photography for 30plus years, i grew tired of it, as a scientist i documented changes in cell biology with photos, I spent many years in a darkroom trying to correct problems of others, the black and white conversion process is all too familiar for me, just some background, thanks rick, MJ

  3. I too like the B&W.

  4. put some color in your life…..shalom en theos….jim

  5. No offense, but I personally prefer the colour one. 😀

  6. I like them both. They seem to serve different purposes with the b&w a bit more artsy and classical. The background on the color is beautiful. Somehow in nature, clashing isn’t as bad as it is on your body! Maybe it’s because there is usually a lot of neutral green around to calm it down.

    • i never wear neutral green, does that say anything about me? I prefer hot pink like the blazing star, I cannot see in Black and White so i was so glad when i could afford color film, thanks kate MJ

  7. yes i like the b&w too mj 🙂

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