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Color Pink

cyclmen1Friends, this is not outside, but in the indoors at Como Park in St Paul, every spring (or late winter) my color meter gets empty and i need to get it filled.  The Conservatory at Como is a delightful place year round, flowers blooming in great profusion.  This cyclamen still had the morning watering clinging to it, so i got in close to do a macro.  hope you like it til Tomorrow MJ


Weekly Photo Challenge:Lost in the Details

details1Friends, at first glance, i did not like this image, cause the background competed with the foreground.  yes the tiny orchid was lost in the details.  Well using a little photoshop to dull the background details helped and I thought it would fit the weekly Challenge, lost in the Details (almost). Sorry that the subject was in the middle of the image and the hot spot in the upper right hand corner is taboo, but I tried, this is an example of an image that is not up to my standards, til Tomorrow MJ


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