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Nature Challenge -Day4

eastern tailed blue

Dear Friends, i think this tiny fellow is an Eastern Tailed Blue, see his tails on the end of the wings and his two orange spots fused on the border, he looks pretty fresh and new,and perched on the Blazing Star that is blooming all over Crex Meadows.   til Tomorrow MJ

The Search for the Blue Karner

karner 20113Friends, the Blue Karner butterfly is rare even in Crex Meadows.  This tiny blue butterfly is about the size of a nickel, and has distinctive markings on the back side of the wings.  My friend and I have searched many places for this lovely blue and never found them until I retired up north. Now every year I go in search of them partially to renew old times and to reassure myself that they are still there.  This one is for Cheri  til Tomorrow MJ


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