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More Singing

meadowlark 3Friends, this is my best meadowlark singing, I think it is the decisive moment with the feathers in motion. Those of you who have never visited the Dakotas in the spring have not learned of the spring wind that is always blowing and the meadowlarks continue to sing  regardless.  This one sang for us within feet of our vehicle and we listened to his cheery song. til Tomorrow MJ


The Singing Meadowlark

meadowlark2Friends, this Meadowlark is sitting on a small clay hill, no more than a bump on the ground.  The clay has dried into a popcorn texture typical of the badlands cover.  He chooses a high spot to sing his song and encourage his mate to build a nest on the ground, saying he will protect her.  til Tomorrow MJ


Prairie Songster

meadowlarkFriends, this songster is a Western Meadowlark and he is singing from a tree, usually you find them on the ground or on a fencepost, singing singing singing.  This time of year they are everywhere on the prairie lands of South Dakota and I always stop to try to capture an image of them. That yellow shirt with the black tie looks a bit formal but daring at the same time.  I think they are my favorite bird and the state bird of North Dakota. Too bad I couldn’t capture their pretty song. til Tomorrow MJ


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