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LAB Grand Canyon


Dear Friends, this is a landscape of the many layers of Grand Canyon.  Done in minutes with the LAB colorspace The geology of these layers is an open book to the past, I love layers, til Tomorrow MJ

Weekly Photo Challenge:Distorted

Friends, when i hear the word, distorted, i immediately think of the sandstone formations throughout the western US, where wind and water have carved holes in the rock.  These small holes in red rock sandstone were found in sinagua country south and east of the Grand Canyon, the very large hole eroded by wind and water. I love the textures both small and large that are still being carved, as we stand in the wind taking the photos.  Larger forces at work than mere humans.  til Tomorrow MJ

Typical tourist photo

Friends, last summer we had the opportunity to travel the road on the south rim of Grand Canyon.  Yesterday i showed you what the raven saw, but today i show you my view of the Grand Hole as i like to call the Grand Canyon.  What a magnificent place, words cannot describe my wonder at the sight. I like this photo because the warm colors come forward and the cool colors recede, just like we are taught in painting classes. I shot this photo at f/16 but you can see the focus range ran out before the back wall was reached. til Tomorrow MJ

What the raven saw

Friends, even the raven appreciate viewing the Grand Canyon.  He followed me as i moved along the path above the canyon, posing and calling for his comrades.  I finally took his picture and he was quiet.  til Tomorrow MJ

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