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Wild Horse Heaven


Dear Friends, the sunsets in the badlands are stunning and mystical cause you never know what will appear on the horizon. til Tomorrow MJ

Wild Horses TRNP

Dear Friends, no trip to Theodore Roosevelt National Park is complete without the an image of the wild horses.  This Black Stallion (either Mystery or Cocoa) is running to meet his buddies, he was well received and no fighting was observed. til Tomorrow MJ


Peek a Boo

shy foal

Friends, this shy fellow is one of the foals of the wild ones in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  I love his bald face and his mane standing up on end.  He was curious but very shy.  til Tomorrow MJ


mystery portraitFriends, someone asked for more horse close-ups from the wild ones in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  This is Mystery, a black stallion with a small star on his forehead.  His band was featured in the thunderhead bog of a few days ago.  enjoy til Tomorrow MJ



Friends, the horses run wild in the badlands within the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  This beautiful stallion is named Copper, and he was a herd sire of the wild ones.  This year he appeared alone, no mares or foals following him around.  They say he is injured and I hope he survives cause he is a pretty boy.   til Tomorrow MJ



sweetheart good

Friends, this black horse has lots of white marking and the black heart on her side has given her the name of sweetheart.  Her colt is eating the rich grasses and growing quickly in the wilds of the North Dakota Badlands. What color will the baby be?? that is the question. til Tomorrow MJ

Wild Horses on a Spring Morning

thunderhead horses

Friends, these wild horses are high on a bluff letting the wind blow away the bothersome flies.  A storm is brewing behind as a huge thunderhead billows into the sky.  But for now, the sun is shining, the grass is green and the breeze is cool.  til Tomorrow MJ

Horse Day

Friends, we went out in the middle of the day to see what we could see.  The wild horses of TRNP were abundant and standing on the road, stopping traffic as they often do.  The sky was blue and filled with the puffy clouds of summer, temperature in the low 80s and a perfect day in the North Dakota badlands.  til Tomorrow MJhorse day

Weekly Challenge: Room

a view from the top

Friends, this is room to wander in the badlands of North Dakota, this rock has enough room to sit and watch the sunrise over the foggy hills.  It is a place near and dear to my heart, where my mother was raised and i wandered as a child visiting beloved grandparents.  The clouds are mares tails, reminding me of the wild horses who still roam the park (Theodore Roosevelt National Park).  This is the first of several posts from this region, enjoy til Tomorrow MJ

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