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Water Trail


Friends, this pair of ring billed ducks are cropped to emphasize the water trail that they leave behind while swimming, the ice on the ponds is almost gone and yesterday was a great day at Crex Meadows, lots of sun and warmth in my blind (read faithful Chevy), I was watching a pair of loons diving along a sheet of ice, once they came up within ten feet of me and my camera, yes i got the image, will show it in a later post, til Tomorrow MJpair of ringneck ducks

Tired of Winter

ringbills pair summer

Friends, I am very tired of winter, so decided that my blog will reflect the colors of summer for this day’s blog.  The green lifts my spirits and the ring billed ducks are looking for a nesting site on Fish Lake.  Crex Meadows is having a Big Year for Birding that had a formal kick off last night. Today we can start tabulating all the birds we see within the Glacial Lakes Grantsburg wildlife areas.  The person who records the most species of birds in this 11 month period is the winner.  I won’t win but it will be fun to try.  til Tomorrow MJ

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