March Pond


Friends, this pond is near our home in northern Wisconsin, last year at this time the tamarack trees were starting to get new needles.  This year every thing is covered with 12 inches of snow and the pond is ice. When spring does arrive, this scene will repeat itself on the first warm sunny day with no ice and snow.  til Tomorrow MJMarch pond

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  1. so still … hot humid summer is lingering down in the southern hemisphere … wish we could hurry it in your direction …

    • thanks for the lovely comments christine, I would accept some moderate warming, although now the eaves of the house are dripping, soon we shall see green grass again, thanks MJ

  2. Thanks for the promise of spring. This has been such a long cold spring I sometimes wonder if it will ever warm up!

  3. Spring has been canceled. When the snow melts we will go right into fall!

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