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Green Eyes


Friends, those of you who know cormorants, know that this is a characteristic pose, he is a double-crrested cormorant from Sherburne National Game Refuge near St. Cloud Minnesota, On our little road trip. a whole colony of these birds perched on dead tree stumps..  I love their eye colors, that sea green glow, priceless, til Tomorrow MJ

Weekly Photo Challenge:Contrasting Owl Eyes


Friends, the weekly photo challenge this week is contrasts, and this mama great horned owl is a contrast to her baby who is just a few weeks old.  I think the old eyes show wisdom and quiet, while the youngster is wide-eyed with wonder at all the new things surrounding him.  Especially the crowd of photographers standing beneath his nest tree. til Tomorrow MJ eyes

Lion Eyes

lion eyesFriends, another cat from Como, this male lion was lying in the shade waiting for his food, his mate was up and moving toward the building, was she hungrier than he??, that wrinkled brow makes him look very severe with intense yellow eyes, his mane looks like someone combed it, no mats in his hair, good grooming, til Tomorrow MJ


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