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Green Heron

Dear friends, this is not your typical image of a Green Heron, but it shows his beautiful back feathers in the spring. He was fishing alone in the shade and I never can resist parking along the road to capture these guys. til Tomorrow MJ

Green Heron

green heron4 best of all

Friends, back to Crex meadows this morning to show you yesterdays treasure, this Green Heron was perched on a dead tree above the marsh looking for food.  He is called green heron, but i think he looks more blue, but there is already a big blue heron and a little blue so guess the names are taken.  The lighting was diffuse yesterday so his colors are a little subdued, enjoy til Tomorrow MJ

Green Heron Fishing

green heron2Friends, this green heron is fishing from his favorite perch just a mile from my house.  In the early morning fog, he is back lit by a diffused light.  Again i am experimentingwith a vignette, green this time.  I like this pose, always alert for small critters below him in the water. til Tomorrow MJ


Alarmed Green Heron

Friends, this green heron was alarmed by my presence, and i was alarmed when i got a closer look at this image, long after the bird had flown away, it was then that i noticed the feathers on the top of his head standing straight up on end.  Usually when i see this green heron, his head feathers are slicked back (like Elvis) and he is peacefully hunting the shoreline for aquatic food.  But when he discovered me, his feathers pointed the way and up he went.  Live and learn til Tomorrow MJ

Green Heron

Friends, yesterday was a white sky day so the background for this image was blah and featureless, blanking it out to white and leaving the bird with colored details was an artistic choice.  He is called the green heron, but to me he has a blue slate color in the light in Crex.  He was hunting for fish from a small tree branch along the lake, i know he has a nest nearby, but have not been able to find his/her babies.  til Tomorrow MJ

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