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Green Heron

Dear friends, this is not your typical image of a Green Heron, but it shows his beautiful back feathers in the spring. He was fishing alone in the shade and I never can resist parking along the road to capture these guys. til Tomorrow MJ

Big Blue Heron


Dear Friends, this Big blue Heron has been entertaining Crex visitors this fall along the Main Dike Road. The light in the morning has been quite warm, so here he is in all his feathered glory, enjoy til Tomorrow Mj

Heron Snacking

blue heron fishing

Friends, this Great Blue Heron is having a fishy snack at the fishing hole.  Like eating popcorn, you can’t just eat one. I know he is backlit, but i like how the light lit up his beak.  til Tomorrow MJ

Why Heron have Long Necks

sleepy blue heronFriends, this Blue Heron has a very long neck so he can bunch it up and rest his chin when he is resting.  The morning was very windy and his head feathers were standing up on end, i love the feather details.  I did not like the green detailed background so i tried to minimize its effect, did i succeed??, til Tomorrow MJ

Green Heron

green heron4 best of all

Friends, back to Crex meadows this morning to show you yesterdays treasure, this Green Heron was perched on a dead tree above the marsh looking for food.  He is called green heron, but i think he looks more blue, but there is already a big blue heron and a little blue so guess the names are taken.  The lighting was diffuse yesterday so his colors are a little subdued, enjoy til Tomorrow MJ

Blue Heron Lunch

blue heron flight

Friends, on my way home from Crex Meadows I pass a small watering hole where this blue heron likes to hunt, i disturbed his hunt by stopping and pointing my telephoto out the car window.  He flew but remembered to take his lunch with him, til Tomorrow MJ

Green Heron Fishing

green heron2Friends, this green heron is fishing from his favorite perch just a mile from my house.  In the early morning fog, he is back lit by a diffused light.  Again i am experimentingwith a vignette, green this time.  I like this pose, always alert for small critters below him in the water. til Tomorrow MJ


Spring Bittern

bitter3Friends, this bird is an American Bittern and with his vertical striping in front is very well camouflaged against all the winter reeds.  They fish in the shallows like a heron, with neck stretched out and stabbing prey with that very big bill.  In the very early spring you may see a few of these birds, but later you may only hear their distinctive call. They are very secretive and the research community has not studied these birds to reveal their natural history, hmmm, a plan in the works, til Tomorrow MJ

First Blue of the Season

first blue heronFriends, this Great Blue Heron is the first that i have seen this spring, so technically maybe i can call it spring, He is strongly backlit, but you have to take what you get when you are very tired of snow and ice, this bird sighting really lifted my spirits yesterday,  there is still snow but this little stream is open so he was searching for food.  I pushed the image a bit in magnification so you could see his blue lores, black cap and two black pigtails streaming from the back of his cap, sorry for the complicated background, I think I am a little rusty, til Tomorrow MJ


Monday morning coffee


Friends, this big blue heron is set on the grass background in a really high key image, nice start for a Monday morning.  Having my coffee and thinking about the day.  Family may come first today, but if everyone is ok, then Hawk Ridge and sitting in a camp chair in the fall sunshine might be the order of the day. I need some more hawk portraits.   til Tomorrow MJ

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