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Heron Snacking

blue heron fishing

Friends, this Great Blue Heron is having a fishy snack at the fishing hole.  Like eating popcorn, you can’t just eat one. I know he is backlit, but i like how the light lit up his beak.  til Tomorrow MJ

Blue Heron Lunch

blue heron flight

Friends, on my way home from Crex Meadows I pass a small watering hole where this blue heron likes to hunt, i disturbed his hunt by stopping and pointing my telephoto out the car window.  He flew but remembered to take his lunch with him, til Tomorrow MJ

Hop Skip and Jump

Friends, The blue heron of yesterday was revisited after his meal had been digested (see yesterday’s post) and now he is light enough to fly away.  He didn’t fly far just a hop, skip and jump to another fishing place. I love the slightly blurred wings and the lovely chest feathers that seem to curl around the bottom of his neck, also i like the splash. so til Tomorrow MJ


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