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Heron Snacking

blue heron fishing

Friends, this Great Blue Heron is having a fishy snack at the fishing hole.  Like eating popcorn, you can’t just eat one. I know he is backlit, but i like how the light lit up his beak.  til Tomorrow MJ

Why Heron have Long Necks

sleepy blue heronFriends, this Blue Heron has a very long neck so he can bunch it up and rest his chin when he is resting.  The morning was very windy and his head feathers were standing up on end, i love the feather details.  I did not like the green detailed background so i tried to minimize its effect, did i succeed??, til Tomorrow MJ

First Blue of the Season

first blue heronFriends, this Great Blue Heron is the first that i have seen this spring, so technically maybe i can call it spring, He is strongly backlit, but you have to take what you get when you are very tired of snow and ice, this bird sighting really lifted my spirits yesterday,  there is still snow but this little stream is open so he was searching for food.  I pushed the image a bit in magnification so you could see his blue lores, black cap and two black pigtails streaming from the back of his cap, sorry for the complicated background, I think I am a little rusty, til Tomorrow MJ


Rusty Heron

Friends, this great blue heron doesn’ t look very blue, more brown, but he was sitting still so i took his picture.  i think he is an adult bird cause he has the little black feather off the back of his head, and maybe he is brown because the iron-rich water stains the big birds by late summer.  The feathers of sandhill cranes and trumpeter swans in Crex are also rust colored from the water this time of year.  til Tomorrow MJ

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