Rusty Heron

Friends, this great blue heron doesn’ t look very blue, more brown, but he was sitting still so i took his picture.  i think he is an adult bird cause he has the little black feather off the back of his head, and maybe he is brown because the iron-rich water stains the big birds by late summer.  The feathers of sandhill cranes and trumpeter swans in Crex are also rust colored from the water this time of year.  til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. I love how herons always look so majestic 😀

  2. Very nice shot.

    When we lived on Longboat Key. (Key means Island) We had a great blue that knocked on our patio doors to wake us up so Mikki could feed him turkey bacon. He would eat the bacon out of her hand. We have photos of her feeding him. We named him Harry.
    He was the same color. They get a redish tint even down there as well. I suspect the blue comes fron their plum and the color on their wings.

    Harry woke us up at 6AM sharp. With his powerful bill he slammed the glass door hard enough to wake us. He was ready to eat. He reached out so gentle to get his food.

    Jim should paint your Harry size 24″x12″

    Margie, your watermark is really not protecting you. Anyone that knows Adobe Photoshop can removed your name in a brief time. If those in China want to paint your image, they can and leave out the name.
    Next time make your name smaller. jack

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