Friends, this adult grebe was hanging out in the sunshine where his beautiful colors were showing.  This is a bird who photographs better in the bright sunshine than on a cloudy day.  He looks kind of gray without the sun, and a beautiful shade of bronze with the sun.  He is called the pied-billed grebe cause his bill is multicolored in the early spring with a dark ring that fades in the late summer.  When they sit in the lily pads they are difficult to see unless they move and give away their position.  til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. good photo of this chap with a very streamlined head for diving 🙂 thanks for explaining about the pied-bill!

  2. Great site and wonderful post!

  3. Your waterfowl pictures, all of them, are wonderful. I don’t know how you do it! I tried to take a picture of a coyote who was in my yard this week and I was all thumbs and bumbling. Slow and steady I guess.

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