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Weekly Photo Challenge:Solitary

Friends, this Great Blue Heron is fishing alone .  They don’t like company when they are seeking food in the lake.  A solitary figure for our weekly photo theme: solitary. He stalks the shallows along the shoreline and with a quick jab catches a small fish which he swallows whole and head first.  He has been in Crex all summer and i see him in the same area every day.  He has some rust stains on his blue feathering from the water. til Tomorrow MJ


Hop Skip and Jump

Friends, The blue heron of yesterday was revisited after his meal had been digested (see yesterday’s post) and now he is light enough to fly away.  He didn’t fly far just a hop, skip and jump to another fishing place. I love the slightly blurred wings and the lovely chest feathers that seem to curl around the bottom of his neck, also i like the splash. so til Tomorrow MJ


Talking Back

Friends, this Great Blue Heron is talking back and telling me that he didn’t like the heat of the day, actually he was panting in the 100 degree heat.  A panting bird like a panting dog is trying to dissipate heat, he probably could get into the water to help cool his jets.  His swollen neck suggests that he just had a rather large lunch and it is still lodged in his crop located in the neck region. The food is stored there and gradually fed into the stomach. He is perched on a rock so you can see his very large feet, good for traveling in mucky muddy footings of his everyday swamp.  til Tomorrow MJ

Great Blue Heron-Ballerina

Friends, still doing some flying shots, this blue heron looks like a ballerina with his pointed toes in a landing position. Two Herons were fighting over this fishing hole and this one was doing a lot of jumping and flying away from the other, bigger bird.  I like her tutu, do you? :), til Tomorrow MJ

Blue Heron Takeoff

Friends, this big blue heron takes off from a hiding spot in the marsh, we surprised him and he left the scene immediately.  Had to dull down the background a little to make him more of the subject of the image, Hope you forgive a little photoshoping.  I am practicing for the cranes in Crex and the Hawk Ridge in Duluth, both events are coming shortly. Probably all flying shots. til Tomorrow MJ


Alarmed Green Heron

Friends, this green heron was alarmed by my presence, and i was alarmed when i got a closer look at this image, long after the bird had flown away, it was then that i noticed the feathers on the top of his head standing straight up on end.  Usually when i see this green heron, his head feathers are slicked back (like Elvis) and he is peacefully hunting the shoreline for aquatic food.  But when he discovered me, his feathers pointed the way and up he went.  Live and learn til Tomorrow MJ

Rusty Heron

Friends, this great blue heron doesn’ t look very blue, more brown, but he was sitting still so i took his picture.  i think he is an adult bird cause he has the little black feather off the back of his head, and maybe he is brown because the iron-rich water stains the big birds by late summer.  The feathers of sandhill cranes and trumpeter swans in Crex are also rust colored from the water this time of year.  til Tomorrow MJ

Green Heron

Friends, yesterday was a white sky day so the background for this image was blah and featureless, blanking it out to white and leaving the bird with colored details was an artistic choice.  He is called the green heron, but to me he has a blue slate color in the light in Crex.  He was hunting for fish from a small tree branch along the lake, i know he has a nest nearby, but have not been able to find his/her babies.  til Tomorrow MJ

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