Alarmed Green Heron

Friends, this green heron was alarmed by my presence, and i was alarmed when i got a closer look at this image, long after the bird had flown away, it was then that i noticed the feathers on the top of his head standing straight up on end.  Usually when i see this green heron, his head feathers are slicked back (like Elvis) and he is peacefully hunting the shoreline for aquatic food.  But when he discovered me, his feathers pointed the way and up he went.  Live and learn til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. Great capture! An unusual looking bird – I have not seen this one before.

  2. Your friend in the photograph looks very familiar! Great program last night with lots of positive comments. Let’s plan on another one next spring sometime – March April.

  3. MJ…Elvis has left the building……nice image, they generally show their hood so quick, cool beans, good timing…..shalom en theos….jim

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