Weekly Photo Challenge:Curves

badlands landFriends, curves as in lumps of clay layers, this moonscape landscape is from the North Dakota Badlands and is composed of primarily  soft mud layers.  When we visited this spring, the wet gumbo kept us from exploring more of these formations. I did venture into this area a little too early before they were completely dry and wound up falling in the goop.  My camera still has little patches of clay attached but not in any critical parts. How embarasing !! I see you laughing!, til Tomorrow MJ

badlands land2

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  1. love your curves mj … and yes, i got a bit muddy on my trip too … had to wipe bits off for a few days 🙂 you can tell we are both adventurous!!!

    • Adventurous or foolish, oh well, nothing ventured nothing gained in bird photography, welcome back, i missed your comments and tried to keep up on your blogs, you provided a great vicarious adventure for me, thanks MJ

  2. Wonderful choice for the challenge – neat shot!

  3. Lovely landscape photos.

  4. Thomas Runestrand

    I know how you feel about that “gumbo”. Living outdoors 24/7 leaves me prone to so much dirt and when it’s raining and I can”t get under a roof, everything and anything gets drenched. A “Good Samaritan” with a plastic bag came to my bench by the pumping station last time, however- quite effective.


  5. I didn’t realize N. Dakota had a Badlands, too. We’ve been through the one in South Dakota many times. What stark beauty in the formations and the land around them!


  6. Interesting landscape in the first shot.

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