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Snake Tracks in the Sand

Friends, this pile of sand with a snake track across, reminds me to watch where i put my hands and feet in this country.  Rattlesnakes, bull snakes and blue racers appearing on the trail can startle an unwary hiker and put the feet in reverse very quickly.  But this image also reminds me that Wind Canyon is slowly turning into a huge pile of sand.  Now I love sand. Sand is one of my favorite elements of nature, the tiny grains under a microscope are tiny colorful gems that reflect the colors of their parent rocks.  The massive cliffs of Wind Canyon that stand high above the Little Missouri River are being eaten by wind and water and the gap between the sandstone walls has greatly increased even within my lifetime. Below is an image of Wind Canyon today and by the time my great-grandchildren are able to visit this country, the gap between the walls will be much greater than today.  til Tomorrow MJ

Sandstone Wind Erosion

Friends, Sandstone comes in many hues from white to a deep gold color in the Wind Canyon area of the southern Little Missouri Badlands.  Wind Canyon is a class room for wind erosion effects on soft sandstone.  The wind carves caves, caverns and figures in the soft stone.  Many have carved their initials in the rock, only to return a short time later to find them washed away with the sand.  The bottom image is another wind-eroded area of Wind Canyon showing pencil tips figures. til Tomorrow MJ

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