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The Bohemian

the bohemianDear Friends, two very gracious friends took me to Duluth yesterday, thanks you two, we spent the morning with brown creepers, golden crowned kinglets and these bohemian waxwings.  Also cedar waxwings but this was my best Bohemian, til Tomorrow MJ

Then There were Three in a Tree

three in a tree Friends, sorry for the alliteration, i couldn’t resist.  The cedar waxwings are migrating thru Duluth Mn on the shores of Lake Superior.  This dead birch tree made a handy lookout for these three, they didn’t stay for long, just long enough for me to photo.  The bird in the middle is an immature but still has the yellow tip on the tail. The little round red blob is a berry that the right bird dropped when he landed   til Tomorrow MJ

Cedar in a Cedar

cedar waxwing

Friends, this cedar waxwing was posing from a dead cedar tree in the badlands of North Dakota.  This spring, we found a dead tree with 25 cedar waxwings perched from top to bottom. I had never seen these birds in the badlands, but my mother who lived there in her younger years said that they were often present and were not a rare sighting.  til Tomorrow MJ

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