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Then There were Three in a Tree

three in a tree Friends, sorry for the alliteration, i couldn’t resist.  The cedar waxwings are migrating thru Duluth Mn on the shores of Lake Superior.  This dead birch tree made a handy lookout for these three, they didn’t stay for long, just long enough for me to photo.  The bird in the middle is an immature but still has the yellow tip on the tail. The little round red blob is a berry that the right bird dropped when he landed   til Tomorrow MJ

Birch Cones

Friends, more macro work, tiny cones from a birch bush, Birch have both female cones and male polen sacs, and these  cones are about 1/2 inch long.  I brought them indoors and lit them with flash against a gold reflector.  I think the top one has a face in it, maybe the face of neptune with a beard.  Getting hard to find something to photograph outside, with 16 inches of new snow, the contrast is non-existent, oh well, maybe Tomorrow MJ

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