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Do you Like Purple?


Dear Friends, the color purple in an abstract, experimenting with photoshop, til Tomorrow MJ01,WC185,DC,Study in Purple


final sunburst

Dear Friends, i am getting desperate, the weather has been cold, windy and drippy, don’t want to get my camera wet so i have been staying indoors, this is not the true frozen photographers spirit, but soon the sun will shine again and i won’t have to resort to indoor photoshop, but while i am indoors, i am learning some new (to me) tools in photoshop.  This was the result of transforming some ovals from a picture and skewing the results as multiple transforms were done, still learning, til Tomorrow MJ

Watercolor Sunday

fall foliage in motionDear Friends, the fall foliage is getting brighter every day and this was along the St. Croix River. I like  the watercolor effects of photoshop so this is a watercolor Sunday.  til Tomorrow MJ


Snow falling

Friends, this is an animated gif of snowfalling at Crex Meadows.  I am learning this photoshop technique and soon will have some refinements available.  This tutorial is offered at Photography Improvements blog, tune in if you want to see how to do this.  snowfall-3

Is there a difference?

broadwing portrait2Friends,are there any differences in these two images that can be detected on wordpress? I have run out of processed bird images and in culling through my entire library of images shot at Hawk Ridge, I found a few that i wanted to include in my book.  Did I mention that I was writing a book about Hawk Ridge and my experiences up there this fall?  Well, I am and I am going to take you along for the ride.  Book preparation first needs some first class images.  I was not entirely satisfied with this image as it was processed in the raw converter in Photoshop.  One of the images is the raw, the other of this Broadwing Hawk is processed further in Photoshop.  Can you tell which one?  til Tomorrow MJbw portrati as is from raw

Weekly Photo Challenge:Today

Friends, Today i was chasing birds at Crex Meadows, a good day to get some great images and to play with Photoshop.  This Eastern Kingbird was an attitude shot and the background was just plain water, so i changed it to white to emphasize the bird pose.  Using the Digital Basics Tutorial from Arthur Morris, Birdsasart, i am constantly learning new things to enhance my photography.  Maybe this image needs a frame??, til Tomorrow MJ

Feather details in Ice

Friends, I have always been frustrated by the limited depth of field when using my macro lens.  When trying to photograph this bird feather in ice, the bubbles and the fine feather details were not in focus even at f/22 on a single image.  Other macro photographers have remedied this problem by shooting multiple photos at different focus points and then blended the images together in Photoshop,  to achieve the focus range that they want in the final image.  To find more info on this technique, there are several excellent tutorials online, just google “image stacking  in photoshop”.  Viola, the method works, this image is a merging of four separate images taken to focus the bubbles, the feather shaft, and the tiny barbules on the barbs above the shaft.  These elements were on three different planes but were combined by Photoshop to my satisfaction.  More practice is needed to be able to go nose to nose with the wild flowers of spring.  til Tomorrow MJ

Right brain activity

Friends, trying a little right brain activity to satisfy my cravings, sometimes straight photographs don’t float my boat.  This image started as a photograph from my iphone, to test the resolution level.  At 8 mpx, the resolution was very good.  When i put a few photoshop layers over the top and messed with the opacity of each layer, I  changed the mood of this old barn to more closely match my perceptions.  While the old red barn is falling apart and leaning to the west, the rusty cupola still shows pride of ownership in the punched metal artwork of years ago.  The watercolor effect served to emphasize the shadowy patches and the brown grasses in the front, adding to the abandoned mystique.  til Tomorrow MJ

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