Feather details in Ice

Friends, I have always been frustrated by the limited depth of field when using my macro lens.  When trying to photograph this bird feather in ice, the bubbles and the fine feather details were not in focus even at f/22 on a single image.  Other macro photographers have remedied this problem by shooting multiple photos at different focus points and then blended the images together in Photoshop,  to achieve the focus range that they want in the final image.  To find more info on this technique, there are several excellent tutorials online, just google “image stacking  in photoshop”.  Viola, the method works, this image is a merging of four separate images taken to focus the bubbles, the feather shaft, and the tiny barbules on the barbs above the shaft.  These elements were on three different planes but were combined by Photoshop to my satisfaction.  More practice is needed to be able to go nose to nose with the wild flowers of spring.  til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. Also dont forget that diffraction at smaller f-stops can affect sharpness. great shot

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