Weekly Photo Challenge:Indulge

Friends, yes i boosted the saturation a little, but the colors were real.  This sunset view was 180 degrees from the actual brilliant red sunset.  The storm clouds were reflecting the dying light of evening.  I had been frantically photographing the Sandhill cranes flying into their nightly roost by the thousands in Crex Meadows.  I sat still for a few moments and looked behind me. Sometimes the reflected beauty is more impressive than the real thing.   I indulged in a few quiet moments to watch the sun go down.  But even when i am enjoying a little down time, i still couldn’t resist snapping another photo.  .  til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. Some of the best sunsets I have photographed are not towards the setting sun, they’ve been behind me. A boost of saturation, so what….in my opinion it’s the end product that counts.

  2. Yes, I do like it, even with a little editing.. 😉

  3. your sunset sounds divine mj, and what a photo, awesome! christine http://wp.me/p296YA-2Z

  4. MJ….nice color…….en theos……jim

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