Feather details in Ice-Part two

Friends, more bird (Northern Flicker) feathers in ice.  Using the same technique as in a previous post these feathers were frozen in ice.  In a single image, the whole field was not focused as the feathers were on different planes. Multiple images (8) with different focus points were taken and combined as layers in a single photoshop image. Briefly all the layers were selected and the two commands auto-align layers and auto-blend layers were run sequentially  from the edit menu. This process combines the images with layer masks that only allow the focused region to be part of the overall image. I love the bright yellow shafts and the small details that show up in the feathers and in the ice.

These feathers were found in Crex Meadows and are from an unfortunate Northern Flicker.  The feather identification was facilitated by an online data base at this address  http://digitalcollections.ups.edu/slater/      til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. very cool that you share your macro info! thank you!!!

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