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Fall Leaf


Dear Friends, do you see the tiny spider on this fall leaf? Just a hint, he is orange.  I love when you can see the individual cells in a leaf.  Saw this up on Lake Superior shore.  til Tomorrow MJ

Orange on orange

orange butterFriends, this is one of the many fritillary butterflies in Crex.  I think this is Atlantis but can’t be sure.  To me they all look alike and i have difficulty differentiating them, but don’t need a name to appreciate their beauty.  This one is perched  on butterfly weed, an orange milkweed. til Tomorrow MJ



Friends, these tiny blooms (Globe Mallow) are often overlooked because they are very tiny and sit very close to the ground in the North Dakota badlands.  To get this macro shot, one needs to lie on the ground with your nose very close to the blooms.  The camera was fitted with a 90 mm macro lens.  I did a little post-processing work to give it a fine art look, you know what that is, background dark and out of focus.  🙂  I love the bright orange colors and the blooms in all stages of opening, from the closed buds with their fine hair coverings to the full bloom.  The insects must also like them as evidenced by the pollen spilled onto the petals. til Tomorrow MJ

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