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Tamron 150-600 mm- More Testing

1original sparrow

Friends, this is another test of Tamron 150-600 mm sharpness so those who are not interested can tune out now, this white-throated sparrow was on a bird feeder at Hawk Ridge, I was about ten feet away and the day was beautiful.  This would simulate conditions that i usually shoot little birdies, handheld and sitting on a rock.  No sharpening on this image just straight out of the camera, the bottom image is an extreme crop to show the head details2original details

This image is pretty sharp and the one below has some minimal sharpness added in photoshop, so til Tomorrow MJ

3detail sharpened

Around the Bend

pan along the roadFriends, working hard to process some images for a contest, found this scene in among my old images.  It was taken as an HDR capture and two images wide to incorporate the trees on the left and the whole island in the mid-foreground, lots of computer processing to get all the details in the dark areas on the left and the bright yellow areas in the middle. do you like??, til Tomorrow MJ


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