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One More Tall Ship

flags sorlandetFriends, the Norwegian ship Sorlandet, as she passed the end of the canal in Duluth Minnesota on Tall Ship Parade day.  She wasn’t flying sails but all dressed up for the festival to come.  Looks like a man-made spider web but no one aloft. til Tomorrow MJ



lifeboatFriends, In 2010 when the tall ships entered Duluth, I took hundreds of images and put them together in a book titled “Tall Ships and Other Lifeboats”.  This year I didn’t take as many images but the lifeboat theme is still in my perspective.  When the Niagara went by my vantage point, I centered on the lifeboat strapped to her side.  I realize that photography has always been my lifeboat.  til Tomorrow MJ



niagara comparisonFriends, the tall ship Niagara entered the harbor at Duluth during the Tall Ship Parade.  She is one of the larger ships and sits flat on the water.  I wasn’t in love with the color version, so rendered her in black and white, then in sepia to give it an old time flavor.  Which version do you prefer? til Tomorrow MJ

niagara sepia


First out of the Gate

pride at sail2Friends, this image is a bit surreal, but the ship was very far out and tested my long lens.  Today was the start of the Tall Ship Challenge Race from Duluth to Whitefish Point across the Lake Superior.  Four days are allotted to cover the over 300 miles on the water.  The Pride of Baltimore was first across the start line at noon today, and she has all her sails up trying to catch the wind.  The wind was very slight today and some of the heavier ships were having difficulty getting some momentum.  til Tomorrow MJ

Weekly Photo Challenge:Masterpiece

sorlandet2013Friends, this tall ship, the Sorlandet, is truly a masterpiece in workmanship. She is 210 feet in length and looks smaller than most because its sails are safely tucked away .  When this fully rigged ship has all sails out and full of wind, she should be quite impressive.  But during the parade she sailed in without sails.  The crew did display her flags and these were pretty flying on the breezes. So I am showing you one of the three tall ships of Norway. til Tomorrow MJ

Tall Ship Parade

pride 2013Friends, this ship was the first tall ship to enter the Duluth Harbor yesterday in the Parade of Tall Ships.  She is the Pride Of Baltimore and that is written on the yellow flag flying from the top of her mast.  Jim and I were able to ride aboard this ship in 2010 and she is truly a very fast ship.  You can see in this image that she leans away from the wind when her sails are full. Love the tall ships. til Tomorrow MJ

Tall Ship Day

niagara 2011Friends, I am very excited today we are going to Duluth to photograph the tall ship parade as 10 ships enter the Duluth harbor from the mighty Lake Superior.  This is an image of the Niagara as it entered the canal marked by the little lighthouse in 2011.  Lots of history concerning the war of 1812 is connected to many of these ships and I hope to be in this same spot today to photo their entry.  In 2010 we had 12 ships for the festival, but in 2011 and 2012 only 2-3 ships were present for the show.  In 2011 you can see the weather was less than favorable, but today dawned bright and cheerful so good images may be possible. til Tomorrow MJ


US Brig Niagara

Friends, time for a commercial message, this is the US Brig Niagara as she entered the Duluth harbor in 2011.  In 2010, 9 tall ships came into the harbor for a tall ship festival.  I photographed madly for five days and then my soul mate and i went for a 3 hour cruise aboard the Pride of Baltimore.  I published  a photo book with those photos and mounted 2 shows with aluminum prints.  You may still order a copy of this book, titled”Tall Ships and Other Lifeboats”, from  The link is, a preview of the book is available and thanks, til Tomorrow MJ

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