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Savannah Sparrow

Dear Friends, loved our day at Crex this week, so thankful that I can again venture out into the wilderness with my camera.  This Savannah Sparrow was a lifer for me, I had never seen him before or if I did, I didn’t know what he was, id wise,  thanks to the kind folks on Facebook who solidified my tentative id. til Tomorrow, MJ

Sparrows can be Pretty

detailed tree sparrow

Dear Friends, hanging out at the bird feeder has given me a chance to refine my bird photography skills with new lens and camera.  This is an American Tree Sparrow and in this closeup you can see his bicolored bill, black on the top and yellow on the bottom.  He also has the dark spot on his breast and a smidgeon of white wing bar.  enjoy the birdies, til Tomorrow MJ

Badlands Lark Sparrows

sd lark sparrowFriends, this lark sparrow is a cheery bird of spring in the badlands areas, they fly and flit through the spring air and show off for the females.  They are found mainly west of the Mississippi river on the open prairies.  His head has distinct black white and chestnut markings, til Tomorrow MJ

Another Sparrow

chipping sparrow

Friends, this chipping sparrow ( i think) also comes to you from Hawk Ridge.  The migration of the passerines is also monitored from Hawk Ridge  The smaller birds are counted and some are banded as they pass through and get some seed at the feeders. This bird was busy munching on sunflower seeds as I crept close enough for a portrait. I love their tiny feathers around the face.  til Tomorrow MJchipping sparrow detail

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