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Peace and Love

swan heartFriends, this morning i am reflecting on peace and love, my new mantra.  These swans stopped their attack mode to briefly bond again as a couple.  Their way of kissing and hugging.  Dedicate this one to Jim, the love of my life, til Tomorrow MJ


Attack Mode

swan attackFriends, these Trumpeter Swans are attacking three other swans who have occupied the favorite preening and bathing spot on Phantom Lake in Crex Meadows.  I always think of these birds as floating peacefully on the lake, but this image shows the territorial nature of the adults that persists even into fall.  The red stained feathers will soon be replaced by fresh white feathers and they will head south.  til Tomorrow MJ



swan reflectionFriends, Sunday morning and all is peaceful and quiet on the Crex Meadows.  This morning the fog lifted to reveal the Trumpeter Swans sitting (actually standing) on a mirror of water.  In the foreground you can see white feathers floating on the water.  The swans are doing a lot of grooming, shedding the red stained feathers and regaining their more white appearance.  My new mantra is peace and love, peace and love, peace and love, repeated three times to calm my raging spirit, a new day dawns, til Tomorrow MJ


Weekly Photo Challenge:Reflections

summer swans8165-2Friends, another entry to this weeks theme: reflections,  i needed a warmer image this morning to stimulate my morning, coffee is not doing the trick this morning, still really groggy, blame it on the weather.  This image was taken this summer, but the background as is was too busy, so i put the swans on their own layer and blurred the background and gave it a slightly foggy feel.  These trumpeter swans are now floating in a non-distracting background with a lovely foggy reflection.  Sometimes the differences between sharpness can also be used to make the subject more prominent. til Tomorrow MJ

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