Weekly Photo Challenge:Reflections

summer swans8165-2Friends, another entry to this weeks theme: reflections,  i needed a warmer image this morning to stimulate my morning, coffee is not doing the trick this morning, still really groggy, blame it on the weather.  This image was taken this summer, but the background as is was too busy, so i put the swans on their own layer and blurred the background and gave it a slightly foggy feel.  These trumpeter swans are now floating in a non-distracting background with a lovely foggy reflection.  Sometimes the differences between sharpness can also be used to make the subject more prominent. til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. very good effect – particularly to draw attention around the bill/head – don’t forget the “hard blacks” where trumpeter meets water to assure a naural feel – changing those to a drak slate or blue gray should do it. IMHO only. LOVE your photos!

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