A sharper image

sandhill face detailedFriends, this sandhill crane is similarly processed like the top image in yesterday’s post.  First a short lesson about shooting jpegs vs raw captures.  A jpeg image is processed and sharpened in the camera, while a raw is basically unprocessed by camera software.  Since a computer (and photoshop) have a lot more tools to process an image optimally, it makes sense to me, to use the camera for capturing an image (raw) and a computer for processing the image.  So this image was captured in raw, converted to psd format and exposure adjusted in photoshop then finished with Color Effex Pro 4- detail extractor.  I think that the sharpness achieved in this software program is superior to those results that i can get in Photoshop or in the raw converter in Photoshop.  I think, and this is my opinion, capturing a digital image and processing that image are both necessary steps to great photography.  Post-processing does not diminishes the skill of the photographer but is necessary to impart the mood of the photo.  Just as Ansel Adams developed a print from a camera-captured negative, so we need to post-process from a digitally captured image.  What do you think? til Tomorrow MJ

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