Swans have returned


Dear Friends, thanks for all your encouraging words and prayers, Jim and I were in Fish Lake Refuge this week and we saw about 20 Trumpeter Swans who have arrived here before the ice is melted.  These two had just landed on the ice and I loved the cyan hue of the ice, this image was processed with LAB color space, enjoy til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. Wonderful images, wonderful NEWS, just a day late! We were out on the Lake shore of Superior shooting Great Gray Owls and mentioned Crex as a possible stop in the afternoon yesterday on our way back to the Appleton area at around 10am on Sunday. We had put 5 hours in and by that time, shot until the birds relocated so had some free time before we NEEDED to be home. But we hadn’t heard neither hide, nor hair or feather from Crex so came straight home. Would have loved to catch some of the Trumpeters on our way back. Thanks for the update!

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