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Happy Face

3coyote face Friends, this coyote boy is hunting for his lunch in the prairie dog town in the badlands of North Dakota.  Despite his predatory nature, he has a happy face. My what big teeth you have, granny, a famous line from little red riding hood, a story of my childhood. til Tomorrow MJ

Badlands Boogey Man

3coyote face

Friends, this happy boy is hunting prairie dogs, lots of them available  and the babies are not very bright, if they don’t listen to their mama, the coyote will get them, the badlands equivalent of the boogeyman, so mind your mama and stay out of harm’s way today til Tomorrow MJ

Weekly Photo Challenge:Fleeting

posing coyoteFriends, moments in nature are fleeting, this coyote who was hunting in prairie dog town  briefly stalked across the green of the prairie and looked up at us for a moment in time.  til Tomorrow MJ

Wily Coyote

wily coyote

Friends, this is a wily coyote from the WSC in Forest Lake, and again a captive animal.  This male was adding his two cents worth to the wolves howling with some yipping and yapping. Many books have been written about the clever”trickster” of native legend, but the best in my estimation is God’s Dog written by Hope Ryden,  This researcher did her homework well and has written a definitive work on the natural history of coyotes.  til Tomorrow MJ

The Magpie Story

Friends, we were perched on a bridge watching a magpie flirting with another magpie.  As i shot this image, a coyote appeared in my field of view.  A coyote hunter of local legend tells us that when he calls coyotes in, often a magpie will appear before the coyote comes into view.  These creatures seem to have a relationship.  Yes, i know the coyote is out of focus and the prairie dog behind is even more unsharp, but still wanted to share this with all of you.  The image below shows the coyote out on prairie dog town trying to fool a dog into making a fatal mistake. til Tomorrow MJ

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