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Weekly Photo Challenge:Extra Extra

curious calf

Friends, this Bison calf has stirred up a cowbird in the green green grasses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park in western North Dakota.  The badlands have received lots of rain this year and the park is very green.  Good for Bison, birds and other wildlife that live here  til Tomorrow MJ

Painted Canyon

Friends, this view is the first view that most visitors from the east see from the overlook along Interstate Highway 94.  This is called Painted Canyon and is part of Theodore Roosevelt National Park in western North Dakota.  Some never see the rest of the park, but those who do, usually fall in love with the red hills, wild animals and great trails. In the days to follow, i will take you to some of my favorite places in the park, enjoy til Tomorrow MJcrop painted hdr

Watercolor morning

snow owl water finalFriends, been watercoloring this morning with my computer, always hated the way Photoshop did watercolors, was not realistic, but the ipad has a new app called “waterlogue” that is wonderful for doing watercolor from a photo, thanks to my friend agogo, the winter now does not seem so dreary, thanks kathy til Tomorrow MJ


Turkeys are Beautiful ?

wild turkeyFriends, this beautiful turkey is part of the bachelors that visit my mom regularly.  She lives in  a large senior condo in the cities, and these boys walk across her lawn almost every day.  I saw them again this week but because of the snow, they are using the sidewalks and roadways just like the humans.  So enjoy til Tomorrow MJ


Frosty Wolf

wolf portraitFriends, last winter we visited a wolf sanctuary and i captured this timber wolf in a very peaceful pose.  It is the right time to visit again when it warms a little, was -28 degrees F this morning, He was lying on the snow with his feet tucked up but the eyes are ready to run or attack as the situation dictates.  Flight or fight. til Tomorrow MJ



eagle matureFriends, this mature bald eagle is enjoying the day perched in a birch tree.  There were four eagles in this spot, guarding a road kill that was ripe for scavenging.  The snow is getting much deeper today and we have had about 12 inches in this storm so far, hope it stops soon.  Til Tomorrow MJ


White tail

young male deerFriends, this young male whitetail deer is out in the open trying to escape the last of the deer flies, see the antlers growing on top of his head.  he is probably a second summer deer as his coat is not spotted and his antler growth is vey small for late August.   The white blur is his tail swishing around chasing the flies.  til Tomorrow MJ


copper Friends, the horses run wild in the badlands within the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  This beautiful stallion is named Copper, and he was a herd sire of the wild ones.  This year he appeared alone, no mares or foals following him around.  They say he is injured and I hope he survives cause he is a pretty boy.   til Tomorrow MJ


Prairie Dog Love

Friends, this morning is about prairie dogs, especially why there are so many in the North Dakota Badlands, Love ! Prairie Dog Love starts with a simple hug and a kiss.prairie dog kiss

Leads to large litters of 4-6 little onessix little ones

Then lots of work, feeding and taking care of little ones leaves the adults all tuckered out in the late afternoon.

prairie dog home
mimicingtunckered out


before the stormFriends, on our recent trip to Theodore Roosevelt National Park, we found ourselves parked in front of a stampeding herd of Bison. A storm was moving in and they were leaving the high ground and moving into the ravines and gullies.  I added the lightning for a more dramatic effect.  Can you see the baby bison hurrying along, til Tomorrow MJ


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