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Thanksgiving Turkey

wild turkey

Dear Friends, Thanksgiving is fast approaching and that means housecleaning for me, yuch, but this bird is a wild turkey that lives in the city.  He is part of a bachelor bunch that hang out in white bear lake and cross the lawns of a senior living center where my mother resides.  His beard and spurs are very long and marks him as a senior bird.  I took this photo last summer from my moms patio. enjoy til Tomorrow MJ

Turkeys are Beautiful ?

wild turkeyFriends, this beautiful turkey is part of the bachelors that visit my mom regularly.  She lives in  a large senior condo in the cities, and these boys walk across her lawn almost every day.  I saw them again this week but because of the snow, they are using the sidewalks and roadways just like the humans.  So enjoy til Tomorrow MJ


Happy Thanksgiving

Friends, Happy Thanksgiving from our wild turkey who drifts through the yard with her family every now and then. til Tomorrow MJ


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