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Badger Digs

badger headFriends, you may ask yourself while traveling thru Theodore Roosevelt National Park in the North Dakota Badlands, why are all these prairie dog towns here? Well to feed the badgers and coyotes.  This little badger was digging furiously into a prairie dog hole, but the dogs were running out the back door as he was digging into the front door.  The joke is on him, see the dirt on his nose, til Tomorrow MJ

badger digg


Weekly Photo Challenge:Fleeting

posing coyoteFriends, moments in nature are fleeting, this coyote who was hunting in prairie dog town  briefly stalked across the green of the prairie and looked up at us for a moment in time.  til Tomorrow MJ

Lack of Grass, No

blue skies two girlsFriends, i know that these badlands look pretty stark and void of vegetation, but on the flat prairie, the grass grows green and lush in the spring when there is plenty of rain.  These pronghorn girls are hanging out together and grazing in the rich areas.  The boys are separate and in their own bachelor bunches.  til Tomorrow MJ


Mountain Sheep

sheep duoFriends, This young male Bighorn mountain sheep haunts the mud cliffs and clay banks of Badlands National Park in western South Dakota.  He and a smaller brother were feeding near the road in a small patch of green, our presence disturbed them and they moved up the steep cliff and waited patiently for us to pass by.  His horns will continue to grow and eventually will reach a full curl, but i think his partial curl is kind of cute.  til Tomorrow MJ


Burro Baby

baby wild burroFriends, this beautiful baby is a wild burro from Custer State Park in South Dakota.  His parents are not very wild anymore cause the tourists feed them and they tend to stick their heads into car windows looking for a handout. This little guy has not yet learned that trick and is still wild and shy.  Custer is a great place to view wildlife and birds of the prairie areas. til Tomorrow MJ


Beaver on the Sand

sandy beaver

Friends, this beaver was found strolling down a sand road in the sand barrens, what an aquatic animal like him was doing on the sand was not known, but he is wet so he must have water around somewhere, he was sampling the air every so often, maybe he could smell water, hope he finds his home, til Tomorrow MJ

Lion Eyes

lion eyesFriends, another cat from Como, this male lion was lying in the shade waiting for his food, his mate was up and moving toward the building, was she hungrier than he??, that wrinkled brow makes him look very severe with intense yellow eyes, his mane looks like someone combed it, no mats in his hair, good grooming, til Tomorrow MJ


Tiger Eyes

tiger faceFriends, at Como Park there is a zoo,  the cat yard is my favorite place because no fences between you and the cats, you are on a walkway above them and this allows some great photo ops, it was raining slightly so this tiger was wet and looking for her food, they were getting ready to feed the big cats, she went inside while the keeper straightened up the yard and put away the tiger toys, then they threw a piece of meat up on a very large rock, it started to rain more heavily so I left before the drama was completed, til Tomorrow MJ

Swans in the Air

Spring Swans copyFriends, I will never get over the elegance of swans in flight.  They look so formal against the sky,and this week they are returning to the Meadows where there is open water.  Most of the open water available is on moving streams and rivers.  So glad to see them return and to hear their welcoming hoarse honking, like a goose with a cold. til Tomorrow MJ


The Hunting Eye

eye of hunterFriends, another wolf face from the International Wolf Center in Ely Minnesota.  This is a male, but not sure if it is Boltz a ten month old puppy, or Aidan, the five year old. They appear to have very similar markings, at least on the face.  Regardless of which wolf it is, the eyes are tuned into a hunting mode, and  like Luna, he was chasing the ravens away from the tidbits of food left over from the Saturday night feast.  til Tomorrow MJ


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