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Badger Digs

badger headFriends, you may ask yourself while traveling thru Theodore Roosevelt National Park in the North Dakota Badlands, why are all these prairie dog towns here? Well to feed the badgers and coyotes.  This little badger was digging furiously into a prairie dog hole, but the dogs were running out the back door as he was digging into the front door.  The joke is on him, see the dirt on his nose, til Tomorrow MJ

badger digg


Wild and Free

Friends, this beautiful youngster was loping through the prairie dog town and easily jumped a hole.  It is deep summer and he has shed his foaling coat to become a sleek wild horse in miniature.  He /she is the future.  If you wish to read more  these wild horses and efforts to domesticate and eventually rid the badlands of these beautiful animals see this blog These fine folk are dedicated to keeping tabs on the wild horses by riding the badlands, keeping a wild horse registry  as well as buying and training horses “culled” from the park. til Tomorrow MJ

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