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The Hunting Eye

eye of hunterFriends, another wolf face from the International Wolf Center in Ely Minnesota.  This is a male, but not sure if it is Boltz a ten month old puppy, or Aidan, the five year old. They appear to have very similar markings, at least on the face.  Regardless of which wolf it is, the eyes are tuned into a hunting mode, and  like Luna, he was chasing the ravens away from the tidbits of food left over from the Saturday night feast.  til Tomorrow MJ


Luna the Wolf

luna portFriends, this is Luna, the black wolf from wolf center in Ely.  I took lots of images of her, but not sure why my camera was so attracted to her.  Is it because she is female, because she is black, because she was most active chasing the ravens, or is it the faraway look in her eyes.  She is young (10 months) and still ambitious, I am old and not so ambitious anymore. I envy her energy chasing illusions of wildness, even tho they fly when she approaches.  Not unlike the humans watching her. til Tomorrow MJ


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